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2 July 2024 Collection Liza van Eeten

Experience our SS25 showroom: The Suite Escape

Check-in, step into our showroom and be transported to a paradise filled with Medditeranean-inspired charm. It’s the perfect getaway! 

From the bright colours of the coastline to the delicate pastels of its sun-drenched villages, our showroom capture the essence of this enchanting region. Experience our seasonal collection of everlasting flowers and plants. From beautiful bouquets to the most stunning centerpieces.

Book your visit now!

Excited to experience our Mediterranean-inspired paradise by yourself? Book your visit to our showroom today and discover the magic of our Spring-Summer 2025 collection. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the charm and elegance of our latest collection. See you soon!

About ‘The Suite Escape’ showroom

The name ‘The Suite Escape’ represent the luxurious and serene experience we offer in our showroom. It’s designed to be a perfect retreat, where you can escape everyday life and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Mediterranean-inspired surroundings.

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