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About us

We make the world a happier and more colourful place with artificial flowers and plants that look just like the real thing.

We are Emerald

From the lush leaves of the monstera to the enchanting bells of the campanula, the sheer beauty of flowers and plants has an amazing capacity to lighten our mood and make us feel happy and relaxed.

This love for nature is in our founder Hans van de Kerkhof knows better than most. A florist by trade, in 1994 he established Emerald Eternal Green with a simple mission: to make the world a happier and more colourful place with artificial flowers and plants that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Today, more than 30 passionate and dedicated colleagues make up the Emerald team in Eindhoven. We are proud that companies from right across Europe choose us for the artificial flowers and plants that meet their individual needs.

At least once a quarter, we travel to the Far East to incorporate the latest lines into our collections, as we continually search for ever more inspiring and striking flowers & plants. Each and every one of our flowers and plants is crafted in detail, with great attention paid to everything from the shape and colour-gradient, to the texture and trends.

“So true to nature, you have to feel it to believe it. That’s the Emerald effect.”

Inge Stultiëns, Visual Merchandiser

Our collections

Our spacious 500 m2 showroom at Eindhoven Airport enables us to showcase our collections to people from across the world, with thousands of people passing through its doors every day. Here we display every type of artificial flower and plant imaginable – from hand-bound bouquets and grasses, to trees and UV products. While we are one year ahead of the latest trends, we also deliver from stock throughout the year.

Our year-round collection
Do you need your latest artificial flowers or plants immediately? Our year-round collection is always available from stock.

Our seasonal collections
Twice a year, our styling team assembles a theme-based seasonal collection, a year ahead of the latest trends. From December every year, you can find our new Autumn/Winter collection in our showroom, and in June we share our spring-summer collection.

“At Emerald, we don’t just assemble the most true-to-nature artificial flowers and plants. Whether it’s our expert advice or our specialist merchandising service, we’re proud to always do that little bit extra”

Stefen Kluijtmans, General Manager

We provide expert advice

Do you need help with a store concept, shelf plan or tailor-made collection? Our styling team would be delighted to help, and share their experience and expertise. We can provide a collection that fully matches your store’s unique needs, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

We give added value

Did you know that Emerald has its very own value-added service department in the Netherlands? This is where we handcraft our potted items, where florists make our hand-tied bouquets, and where we offer a special pricing and labelling service. From green plants in terracotta pots to succulent plants in glass and hand-bound bouquets, all assembled, crafted and perfected by florists with a flourish. What’s more, for large orders, our products can also be specially priced and labelled.

We deliver from stock

Every day, our artificial flowers and plants are distributed from our 5,000 m2 warehouse to buyers from all over the world. Our year-round collection can be delivered directly from stock. You ask, we deliver.

We offer merchandising

Store presentation is a profession in its own right, and our specialist merchandisers are masters in ideas, images and imagination. We use our knowledge and know-how to help you create the kind of stunning store designs that will captivate your customers and clients alike.

What makes us unique?

  • Our passionate people – Our team has a shared passion for flowers and plants, and we love to share this with our customers and clients. After all, helping to make the world a little happier and more colourful is not just rewarding. It’s seriously fun.
  • Our proud partnerships – Over the past 25 years, we have built an unparalleled network of suppliers, customers, agents and other partners. Together we make your green dreams come to life.
  • Our bespoke offering – Our love of nature is reflected in every single product we offer. All our artificial flowers and plants are crafted in minute detail, and our collections draw on the very latest trends.
  • Our desire to develop – Our sector is changing fast. We have a healthy obsession with investing in innovative new materials and products, studying the latest solutions, and tracking the latest trends in the fresh flower and plant market. We are able to show you the future today
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