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Our Spring/Summer collection for 2022 here! Featuring a host of brand-new items and plenty of ideas and inspiration to boost your creativity, check it out in our showroom.

Spring/Summer collection 2022

Looking for Spring and Summer items for next year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Now in our showroom, our new Spring/Summer collection of artificial flowers and plants for 2022.

We present four trend themes: Happiness, Horizon, Hayloft and Hideaway. Each with its own atmosphere and feeling, but all four according to the latest trends. Curious? Then make an appointment for a private tour of our showroom. You can also plan an online visit. See you soon!

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Our Hayloft theme creates a rustic and rural image that is warm and tranquil in equal measure. This collection features flowers in clear pastel shades. These are combined with dark wood, lush green leaves and branches, and tall plants in white or earth-coloured pots – all of which make for a beautiful contrast to the theme’s spring flowers. So get creative with our artificial flowers & plants, and unwind in your Emerald mini English countryside.

Back to the roots.


Our Horizon theme evokes feelings of calmness and serenity; of breathing in the fresh seaside air, with a gentle breeze in your hair and sand running through your toes. The flowers we have chosen are a mix of light pastel shades – soft and breezy in colour, accentuated with subtle earth tones. As a creative twist, you can add cacti and palm leaves to provide a surprising contrast with the otherwise softer tints and shades.

Something beautiful is on the horizon.


Our Hideaway theme is all about creating something we all need. A space to think, feel and contemplate. A place where we can live in the moment, daydream to our heart’s content, and find inner peace. This calming theme includes soft, dried flowers in a beautiful array of light colours, lifelike olive branches, lush hanging plants and bouncy ferns. There’s no better way to turn your interior into your very own secret hideaway.  

Your own secret place.


Our Happiness trend theme captures that summer vibe courtesy of warm, glowing colours and a hint of fruit. This gives you endless opportunities to get creative and combine striking colours using our amazingly lifelike flowers. Dare to experiment a little with brightly coloured fruit branches to provide a wonderful fresh touch that effortlessly brightens up any interior. And remember:  

Do what makes you happy.

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