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Perfect Spring tables

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In springtime we love to invite guests over for a lunch or dinner in the weekends.

Normally the dining table and chairs are the leading characters in any dining area. Why not turn an ordinary setting into something to remember? Including some plants or flowers in the table setting can effordlessly make everything come to life and pull the whole room together. Shapes, colours and different sizes help you to show your personality in a creative way.

Either go with seasonal coolurs and flowers, or choose for green plants and leaves if you want to go for a calmer look. They can be used to create a center piece, but will also look great divided over a couple of vases, or paired with your cutlery.

Our tips to help you getting started:

– Try to repeat shapes and colours, but still keep a balanced contrast.

– Make sure to have some variations in the height of the stems and flowers to create depth.

– Match the shape of your creation to the shape on the table; center pieces are great for round, smaller tables, whereas a more spread-out creation might be better suitable for a larger rectangular table.

– A neutral backdrop will make the colour of your creation pop out even more.