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15 August 2023 DIY Laurie Driesen

Charming bouquets

Summer is the season of excitement and celebration. Where we love to enjoy blue skies, sunshine and tropical vibes around us. What better way to do just that than with a colorful bouquet of everlasting flowers? When creating your own bouquet it’s all about putting the right stems and flowers together to create a grand total.

Let us show you how to create your own in a couple of easy steps:

  1. 1. Lay your flowers and leaves out in front of you. Choose either typical Summer flowers, or your personal favorites for the season. Fold them into the perfect shape to add a little volume. Then choose your favorite vase.
  2. 2. Now take the leaves and fold them to create the perfect base for your bouquet.
  3. 3. Continue to add flowers to your base, crisscrossing them over the previous flowers. Repeat this process with all your flowers.
  4. 4. Last but not least, twist and turn the flowers, and arrange if and where necessary. Once you have finished, wrap the stems with a chord, thread or ribbon of your choice to ensure your bouquet retain its form.

In the video below, our stylist shows you how she puts together a beautiful bouquet.

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