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15 November 2022 Inspiration Zoe Kokke

The 3 advantages of artificial plants

At Emerald, we love green plants! If you ask us, they add something extra to every setting. Well, we have some great news for you; you don’t need to be an expert to take care of our green beauties! How nice is it that you can pot them and have nothing to worry about? Curious to discover more advantages of artificial plants? We have listed them for you below:

1. True to life look-a-likes
Emerald is an expert in delivering premium quality artificial plants, as they look just like the real thing. All the plants are developed and selected with attention to shape, color gradients, textures and in line with the latest trends. This combination ensures that these artificial plants cannot be distinguished from real ones.

2. Zero maintenance and care
Lacking the green thumbs to keep your plants alive? No problem! Emeralds artificial plants are not high maintenance and don’t need lots of light, water or nutritions to stay lush and green. They are always in perfect shape, so you can always enjoy them no matter what the season is.

3. Perfect fit for every room
Another huge advantage of artificial plants is that you don’t need to pay attention whether your plant gets enough sunlight or shade. This gives you the freedom to place plants in any room and make the most beautiful combinations. Want to go green outdoors? Emerald also has a variety of options to create your own green oasis with the special UV Collection.

To summarize; an artificial plant is the prefect match for any interior!

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