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30 October 2020 Collection Loes Veltman

Proud of Emerald

Hans is very proud of where Emerald stands now and what he has achieved together with the entire team. Even the next generation is on board now. “It’s great to see where our items can be bought, you come across Emerald everywhere.

I never thought I would start a company specializing in artificial flowers, but just look at where we stand now.

I still enjoy my work and my passion for artificial flowers and plants is very much alive. The creative aspect of purchasing and compiling the collections combined with the business aspects in Eindhoven: I think it’s a wonderful combination,”says Hans. “I never thought I would ever start a company in artificial flowers and see where we stand now.”

More to come
Supplying 40 countries is not a one man job, with our next short article we’d like to introduce our talented and hard-working team! So stay tuned…

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