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6 June 2023 Collection Laurie Driesen

Hang in there!

Are you a plant lover and is your entire interior full of these green beauties, leaving you no room to expand your collection? Or do you simply not have the space to put your plants on the ground? Don’t worry, Emerald has the solution for you!


Our artificial hanging plants are indistinguishable from the real thing and have a bright green color that suits any setting. Don’t have a green thumb? Hang in there! These beautiful plants are maintenance-free and retain their beautiful color all year-round. In addition, they create depth and a sense of tranquility any bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

How to hang the plants?

The plants are perfect for indoor use, and you can give them a place in your interior in two ways:

  1. To hang them indoors, you need a hook that you can attach to the ceiling that is suitable to support the weight of your plant. It is important to place the plant in a pot with strings so that the plant hangs nicely. For an extra playful effect, you can even hang several hanging plants together or combine them with hanging lights and rope at different heights. Go wild and create your own urban jungle!
  2. You can also create some height with your plants in a different way. Put the plant on a cupboard, kitchen shelf or wall shelf. Choose your favorite pot and give the plant a nice spot in your interior.
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