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20 March 2023 Inspiration Laurie Driesen

Spring is here!

Spring is the season of new beginnings, where doors open and bright colors return.

It’s natures start of the year, where blooming planta arise and the sun is starting to come out. But also the start of new trends and inspiration, creating endless possibilities. So let’s get ready to enjoy this Spring season!

Trends – they come and go every season of each year. Staying on top of them, might feel like a tough job at times. Don’t worry, team Emerald is here to help. Trends can be found in the use of materials, textures, lifestyles and colors. This Spring season one of the main trends is the choice of color. Lots of lifestyle and fashion brands, and even in the food industry you’ll see different brands share their favorite color codes for this season in their communications. This spring you can either go all out with dreamy pastels, or keep it classy by picking some nice neutral tones. Plenty of choice for everyone.

Powerful pastels

If we are sure about one thing, it’s that pastels are here to stay. These soft, beautiful shades are featured in some of our flowers and plants and look great in every room. But also a pastel colored vase and a more expressive stem or flower can be combined to form the perfect pair.

Simplicity is key

Opposed to those pastel tones, another trend is going back to basic. There has always been an unlimited love for neutrals. Who does not love peace and tranquility surrounding them? Find a perfect nude or earth toned vase and select one of our lush green plants to create your won oasis of serenity! Fancy a little extra? Upgrade your creation by lifting the vase up and placing it on a wooden, natural looking stool.

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