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This is Emerald!

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Emerald Eternal Green was founded in 1994 by Hans van de Kerkhof. We are happy to give you an exclusive look into our company. Discover how it all started and how we have grown into the company that we are today. Curious about the story of Emerald? Then watch this video.

This is what we do, this is our passion, this is Emerald!

Welcome to our Wonderland

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Now in our showroom, Spring-Summer collection 2020.

Our styling team is always looking for the best and most surprising experience for our showroom. So that you will have the best experience during your visit, and you can enjoy the new products, beautiful floral arrangements, inspiring concepts and product themes. Our current showroom has been transformed into an amazing Wonderland. During your entire showroom visit you’re surrounded by a colorful paradise with an abundance of the newest flowers and plants from our spring-summer collection 2020.

Click on the video below for a sneak peak or make an appointment to visit our showroom!

25 years of Emerald!

We are celebrating 25 years of Emerald
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We could not have achieved this without our long-term customer relationships! 25 years of working together helping to make the world a happier and more colourful place with beautiful true-to-nature silk flowers and plants.

For me, the last 25 years have all been totally enjoyable and unforgettable.

Hans van de Kerkhof – Director Emerald Eternal Green

” I can still remember, as though it was yesterday, boarding the plane on Boxing day 1993 for my first purchase to the Far East. Fully energized I came back and on the 1st of January 1994 I founded Emerald Eternal Green. I deeply value our long lasting customer relationships that we have built and all our loyal customers that have travelled with us over the last 25 years who have enable us become the brand we are today! When I look back over this period we have seen many special products, colourful collections and different styles and trends.

Hans van de Kerkhof – Director Emerald Eternal Green

Over the years Emerald has truly become a valued brand in the market and we will continue to expand our mutual success based on our core values: Teamwork, Quality, Innovation and Authenticity. After 25 years it’s good to look back, to remember and celebrate the successes we have experienced. However we also feel this is the perfect moment to reflect and look forward and create an exciting future together!

The next generation is boarding the “Emerald ship”

This 25-year milestone is a great achievement and we feel this is also the start of a new chapter in our history! Therefore I am proud to share with you that the second family generation has now come aboard on the “Emerald ship” and with that I feel the same energy as when I came back 25 years ago from the Far East. Let’s go for 50 years of Emerald! “

A look behind the scenes during our photoshoot

We are celebrating 25 years of Emerald
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Be inspired! We create different creative pictures for our collections every year Our creative team creates different concepts for every photoshoot to make sure that we get te best results.

Sometimes it takes fifty try-outs before you get the right shot. The entire picture has to be perfect!

Loes Veltman – Marketing Manager

Did you know, for example, that it can take up to fifty try-outs before you create that one perfect image? Sometimes you have that one lucky shot but to create the perfect image we move items from left to right and vice versa, trying a different vase, styling the flowers, we hang paintings on the wall and remove them etc. etc… it’s all about the details! Click on the video below and watch how things are going on behind the scenes during our photoshoot.